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Eastern Copperhead (Agkistrodon contortrix)

Reported By:
Justin Gosnell
October 14th, 2013 - 03:11 PM
South Carolina
Multiple Specimens
Multiple Specimens
Road Cruising


This find was a little distressing. I saw the adult copperhead (female in second picture) crossing the road, but it had just gotten its tail-end run over by an oncoming motorist. I did not picture the snakes lower half to save you guys the gory details. The snake was trying to get itself off the road and I helped it to the other side, but it was a definite goner. Then, after getting back in the car and heading back about 10 yards or so in the opposite direction, I saw the newborn copperhead(male in first picture). At first, I thought this snake was uninjured and I quickly got it off the road for some pics. Unfortunately, it had been hit on the tail as well. It must have tried to cross the road while I was trying to help the larger copperhead (presumably its mother). The hemipenes on the young specimen looked injured and bloody and you could see some connective tissue that had been ruptured, but I still got it to the other side of the highway that it was headed to. Hopefully it will survive! The little one was very aggressive, but its mother was calm despite her mortal injuries.